It All Started With A Mouse

Eight months ago I never would have thought Enchanted Fables would be the collaborative success it is today.

I started this company in October of 2014 with just one character: the Snow Queen. My work as a character performer for the Resort theme park in Orlando, Florida, inspired me to bring fairytale magic to the community of Victoria. After graduating from the University of Victoria with a degree in Theatre/Acting, I decided to pursue a career that would combine my passion for theatre, my love of fairytales, and my dream of giving back to this community.

In December, the Creative Director of the company Laura-Jane Tresidder joined, and we had the amazing dynamic duo of the Snow Sisters. From there, our popularity quickly grew. We hired more professional performers as the months went by – with now a total of ten core cast members, each bringing with them years of experience in Voice and Childcare, and Bachelor Degree’s in Theatre.

Not only has Victoria supported our business with Birthday parties and events, but we have also been welcomed with open arms to many volunteer events and fundraisers.

In the eight short months we have been running, Enchanted Fables has managed to work with over 20 amazing local businesses, charities, and community groups. We have been honoured to volunteer at such events like the Help Fill A Dream fundraisers and dream reveals, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Family Fun Day, Kid’s Run Victoria, Empty Arms, Healing Hearts Birthday Celebration, McHappy Day, Quadra Village Day, and many more.

It is amazing to see this journey: going from a solo performer with my newly started business, to acquiring ten amazing performers with (soon to be) nine characters, to gaining support from family, friends, local businesses, fans, and the community at large.

So what’s next for Enchanted Fables? Well, for starters, we are looking to team up with some amazing local businesses here in Victoria. Our Princesses are looking to offer horse-drawn carriage rides courtesy of Tally-Ho Carriage Tours. We are teaming up with Fired Up Ceramics Studio to offer Princess and Ceramics Birthday parties. Plus a few more surprises in store!

This blog is meant to start engaging our fans and our community. We want to use this blog to reflect on our work, our company, and our achievements. From time to time we’ll post things like cast member bios, DIY Princess crafts, memorable moments, photos, and more!

But for now, I’d like to kick off our blog with this in mind:


Eight months ago my dream was just an idea: to bring magic to children in Victoria. Now through courage, hard work, an amazing cast, and an incredible network of family, friends, and community, my performers and I are able to bring joy and magic to children every chance we get.

Thank you. To my cast, my friends, my community – let’s make some magic!

-Amy Culliford




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