Princess Movie Night

Movie Night Package: $120

90 Minutes– A visit with TWO Princesses for up to 6 children! Includes only the activities listed below.

Grand Entrance – Our Princesses will make their grand entrance at the movie night! They will introduce themselves (in true Princess fashion, with lots of Princess hugs) and recount the voyage they underwent from their kingdoms to get to the party.

Princess Names – Our Princesses will ask each child to introduce themselves, and each child will receive a name tag with their official Princess name.

Movie and Snack Time – Let the children watch their favourite movie with our characters! Our Princesses will provide snacks like popcorn, chocolate, and candies. Beverages are not provided. Please inform us of any allergies!

Photo Opportunities – We will set aside time during the party to take group and individual photos. We love to encourage fun poses, like big grins, silly faces, and of course Princess poses!


Rates include the city of Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Royal Oak, Saanich, and View Royal. All other locations please contact us for pricing and travel fees.

Please visit the Contact page for general inquiries, bookings, or questions.