Snow Queen’s Surprise Birthday 2017


A royal event for all ages! Join Enchanted Fables Princess Parties at the beautiful Ambrosia Centre this January 29th, 2017, as we celebrate the Snow Queen’s Birthday with our favourite Princess characters!

The Snow Queen’s Birthday is fast approaching, and her sister the Snow Princess needs your help to throw her a surprise Birthday party!

Show off your royal attire and costumes, and meet your favourite characters as they lead fun and interactive activities!


Children’s tickets are $25.00. Adult tickets can be purchased for $10.00.

Age recommendations: 3 years to 12 years
(You may purchase a ticket outside of these age ranges, these are just recommendations!)
Any children who are too young to participate in activities may attend the event free of charge with purchase of one regular price adult ticket!

Characters in attendance will be based on ticket sales.