Thank you so so much for making (the Birthday Princess)’s dream come true. She and I were both amazed at what a fun and memorable time she had with Rapunzel and Snow White and all her friends and family, (she still talks about singing and dancing with you and adores the tiara you gave her) as I’m sure she will remember you always.
So I just wanted to thank you! You ladies truly went above and beyond and I sincerely appreciate it. I actually received quite a bit of questions and lots of interest from my friends for upcoming events for their children also. So of course, I passed on your information, as I would recommend you always and speak highly of you and the tremendous job you and all your performers do every single time we see you. We cannot wait to see you lovelies again…As someone who works with children on a daily basis, I believe what you guys are doing for their social development and imagination and making them feel included and special is absolutely wonderful to see.
Keep up the great job Enchanted Fables. We can’t thank you enough again for all you continue to do.

Cathy D. Sooke, BC