Unicorn Parties

Check out our mobile and affordable package below for Unicorn Parties and Birthday Parties in Victoria, BC – Nanaimo, BC – and  Vancouver Island!


Rainbow Package: $150

45 Minutes– A visit with one Unicorn Princess and one Party Host for up to 15 children! Includes all activities listed below. Additional activities can be added-on from the Custom Activities list at the bottom of the page.

Grand Entrance – Our Unicorn Princess will make her grand entrance at the party! She will introduce herself (in true Princess fashion, with lots of Princess hugs) and recount the voyage she underwent from her Unicorn kingdom to get to the party.

Unicorn Names – Our Princess will ask each child to introduce themselves, and each child will receive a name tag with their official Unicorn name.

Storytelling – Our Princess will bring a Unicorn book to read with the children. Our character will make the activity interactive by asking the children questions, and having them help act out plots!

Singing and Dancing – It’s time to break the ice with a fun sing- and dance-along! Our Unicorn Princess will play one of her favourite songs on our portable speaker. We encourage each child to follow our dance moves!

Magical Party Games – Our character will bring along a few party games such as Unicorn Limbo, Unicorn Hide and Seek, Freeze Dance, etc. Games will be tailored to the age range of the party guests and will include constant participation from all the children.

Unicorn Princess Coronation Ceremony – The Princess will gather everyone around to make a special announcement. On behalf of the Unicorn Kingdom, our Princess will hold an official Coronation Ceremony to announce that your Birthday child is an official Unicorn Princess/Prince! Complete with an official Unicorn Princess Oath and singing of the Happy Birthday song. *Add-on a Unicorn Princess Tiara for your child to keep for $15!

Photo Opportunities – We will set aside time during the party to take group and individual photos, starting with the Birthday child. We love to encourage fun poses, like big grins, silly faces, and of course Unicorn Princess poses!

Happy Birthday Song and Cake – Our Princess will stay for the Happy Birthday song and serving of the Birthday cake! We can even carry the cake in at your request! (Cake not provided by Enchanted Fables)

Custom Activities –

$10.00 – Unicorn/Superhero Tattoos – Our character will bring an assortment of beautiful temporary Unicorn and Superhero tattoos for each guest to choose from. Price includes flat fee for up to 15 children. Additional charges will be made for more than 15 guests.

$10.00 – Unicorn Makeovers – With a wave of our magic wands, our character will turn your guests into real Unicorn Princesses! Our makeovers include nail polish, glitter hairspray, and glitter blush! We use non-toxic, child friendly polish and makeup! Price includes flat fee up to 15 children. Additional charges will be made for more than 15 guests.

$15.00 – Princess Tiara – Add a real Unicorn Princess tiara to your package. Our Princess will announce the Birthday child as official Unicorn royalty during their Coronation Ceremony, and present the tiara as a personal gift from one Princess to another! Price is per child.


For custom event pricing and travel fees, find info listed on our FAQ page!