COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies

For the safety and comfort of performers and guests, Enchanted Fables has the following policies in place. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

According to the PHO, organized events and gatherings include “a social celebration of a significant event, such as a birth, a birthday…” (section C (F) ).  More information can be found here .

 As per the PHO mandate for organized events and gatherings updated as of March 11th 2022, the following expectations are in place for all parties and events until otherwise noted:

* All guests in attendance over the age of twelve must be fully immunized against COVID-19 for indoor and outdoor events until April 8th, 2022. Our performers are all fully immunized and can provide their passport and ID before entering the party or event. Enchanted Fables holds no responsibility in ensuring guests are immunized, but expects the client booking with us to uphold this mandate.

* All performers and party hosts will continue to wear non-medical masks for the duration of indoor parties and events. Performers can wear masks for outdoor events upon request. Masks are strongly recommended for guests above the age of three years old for indoor events while the characters are in attendance.

* In accordance with social distancing measures, performers must have room to social distance for the duration of all indoor and outdoor events. Party guests are required to always remain at least 6 feet away from performers. There will be a party host out of costume at every visit – they will wear a mask and guide all guests to adhere to our social distancing requests. This includes pictures: party hosts will place markers to indicate where guests may stand while remaining a safe distance from performers. There are no hugs between guests and performers while social distancing measures are in place.

* Clients are responsible for following capacity limits for venues outside of a private residence. We request a maximum of 10 children for events indoors at a private residence to allow for social distancing measures to be maintained.

* In the event that the customer, or anyone in the social bubble or household of the booking customer, is feeling sick, or has been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19, we must be informed. We will reschedule or offer a virtual alternative.

* If a performer feels sick in any way, or has been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19, they will be replaced by one who is feeling well AND who is not in that performer’s household or close social bubble. We will do our best to replace the performer, but because of restrictions, we may have to postpone if this situation occurs and we are unable to find a replacement.

* All costumes and party supplies are thoroughly sanitized at the end of each event day. In the instance that there is more than one event in a day, we will sanitize our party supplies between events.

* We are offering 30 minute private parties and events only at this time, due to COVID-19 and risk of exposure over time. Corporate events, school visits, etc. can request a shorter or longer time frame, provided all COVID-19 regulations are in place.

The rules we have in place are in accordance with recommendations and mandates from health authorities. They are intended to keep both our customers and our performers safe.

The health and safety of our performers and our community is our priority. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times!