Princess Like Me

Introducing the newest chapter of Enchanted Fables: “Princess Like Me”.

At Enchanted Fables, we strive to inspire people of all ages through our characters, showcasing their amazing qualities such as their strength, kindness, and bravery. While we try and emphasize that it’s what’s inside that matters, we realize that there is not much diversity represented in the Disney Princess lineup. Our hope is to celebrate all children, and allow each child to see themselves in their favourite Princesses.

With that in mind, we are honoured and excited to launch “Princess Like Me”, where performers of varying ethnicities will be available to book as any Princess! We currently have the incredibly talented Yasmin available to portray characters such as the Beauty Princess, the Fairest Princess, the Glass Slipper Princess, and more! Read more about Yasmin here. Thank you everyone for your support as we continue to grow and find new ways to celebrate what makes each of us unique!

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