Terms and conditions

The Client and Enchanted Fables agree as follows:

1: The Client will pay the full Event Price in advance of the Event. If full payment is not received by five days prior to the Event Date, a late fee of $50 per day will be incurred. If full payment is not received by one business day prior to the Event Date, the Event will be considered cancelled.

2: If the Client wishes to cancel the Event, the Client will deliver notice in writing to
Enchanted Fables at least 48 hours prior to the Event by email to
info@enchantedfables.com. The $50 deposit used to hold the date and time is non-refundable, but the Client may use the deposit for a cancelled event towards a rescheduled event within the same calendar year.

3: Enchanted Fables reserves the right to charge the full Event Price for any cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to the Event.

Limitation of Liability
4: Enchanted Fables and Raylen Lanktree disclaim all liability for personal injury, property damages, and all other claims, whether arising in contract, tort, or statute, in connection with the Event or Enchanted Fable’s provision of service, including, but not limited to: injury to the Client, the guests, or any other person; and destruction or damage to the Client’s property, the guests’ property, or any other property.

5: The Client agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Enchanted Fables, its contractors, employees, and agents, and Raylen Lanktree for and from all loss, liability, claims and damage arising from the negligent or intentional acts or omissions of said contractors, employees, agents, and Raylen Lanktree.

6: Enchanted Fables performers are not responsible for supervising the Event or the Event guests or disciplining any of the Event guests.

7: The Client will provide a capable and responsible adult to supervise the Event, and the guests at all times while the performer is on the Event premises, and to provide any necessary discipline for the guests.

8: If any guests do not want to participate in the Event activities, the supervising adult will be responsible for the child and will ensure that the child does not disrupt the performer’s activities.

Costume Damage
9: The Client is responsible for any excessive damage to the Performer’s costume not
caused by the Performer.

10: The Client will reimburse Enchanted Fables within reason for the cost of any repairs or replacement of Performer costumes due to excessive damage incurred during the Event and not caused by the Performer, including but not limited to damage caused by a guest, the Client’s property, or any pets.


11. The Client understands and agrees to the Enchanted Fables Health and Safety Policies, in accordance with guidelines set by the Provincial Health Officer regarding COVID-19.

12. If at any time our policies are not being followed or a performer feels unsafe, they reserve the right to leave, and a refund will not be issued.

13. Parties or events may be held outdoors, but only if the circumstances meet the following requirements:

  • The temperature is between 15 and 26 degrees celsius
  • It is not rainy or windy
  • It is not muddy

If such conditions exist, we require alternative accommodations and your character will request the party be moved indoors. 

Additional Character Entertainment

14. The Client understands and agrees that due to liability and character integrity, Enchanted Fables does not appear at Events in which there will be other character performers in attendance at the same time. This includes, but is not limited to, Princesses and Superheroes.